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  1. Yeah, that's an insta-ban right there.

    Banhammer, HYAH!
  2. Hey Dude. I deleted and Banned this, this morning. Have looky just to make sure i did right thing. Thanks.
  3. Hehe... yes im in it. Felt like bragging a bit.
  4. OIC, you're in it. Fail.
  5. What's the issue with it?
  6. Whereabouts?
  7. Check out the latest Gamestate vid....
  8. Ag i think leave it like that, a testament to him being a doos. Shadow is cool with it, ignoring him. Im keeping an eye on Dragon dude though.
  9. I eventually found it; just looks like the guy being a doos, no biggie I reckon.

    Perhaps just edit it?
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