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  1. sorry man did not mean to neg rep you. lesson learned. don't neg rep when pissed or pissed off, you'll hit the wrong person
  2. Ouch... oh well. Thought Id give u a heads up.
  3. would be nice if only 2 things against me currently, flat broke and no cna near me
  4. Dude I saw New Vegas at CNA yesterday for R233.
  5. you has comments on your blog
  6. Looks Fine To me Dude.
  7. OI GEEZA! if my sigs too big lemme know, i'll down size it
  8. check the comments section on your Killzone 2 impressions bit in the blog for my thoughts
  9. sorry don't do fail book
  10. Reminds Tank that there is das MyGaming failbook group. Join it and introduce thy self.
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