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  1. yeah i feel you there! its been a tight year for everybody.
  2. for shizzle! I just cant afford it right now.
  3. yeah i see your point.. and agree with it to some extent. i was totally sick of cod4 my self, thats 1 of the reasons i haven't been online in ages.
    even if its just a facelift, it should be fun then. I've only brought 1 game this whole year (Kz2) so I don't mind spending 600 bucks on a game i'll be playing for at least a year (if its anything like cod4)
  4. Yea it looks good. but COD4 on PC with local cup use and servers is just better. Its COD4 with a facelift which is going to cost me R630 + new controller (analogues) + international cap.
    At the moment I just cant see myself getting into it when I know I can play an existing (excellent) FPS with no cons.
  5. y not.. it looks good?
  6. im not getting mw2
  7. woohooo mw2 tonight!!
  8. Tobynator!!! wooo. this = goodfellowforum!
  9. welcome welcome !!!
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