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  1. Tanks man. ..........
  2. Sure dude go ahead and use it. Use it the whole of December if you want. I'm cancelling it in Jan.
  3. dude May I use you uncapped account? my stupid download for the patch screwed up and I have to redowload it
  4. Yip got it now. Busy installing the game. Thanks man. We will be unstoppable,
  5. Added you on Origin, did you get the request?

    I'm czechcrusader on steam and origin
  6. Yeah totally hey. But thanks for your help.
  7. Thats great dude. Glad you came right, sad the first time didn't work.
  8. Dude made a plan invite me on origin Tsar_za
  9. Yeah, hence the "Belated" part.
  10. Thanks my good man. A day late
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