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  1. Naw, I don't think you want to :P
  2. Bwahahahahaha BLONDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yea I would rather deal with corporate crap than study MIS and Bussiness Man :P
  3. Replied on my own wall liek a noob. :/
  4. Hahaha Dude

    Its ok :P I know the feeling, wanna write exams for me?
  5. Lol, ja I'm still here. Just been so busy the last few months. Shit's been getting really real
  6. Hey someone had too! Just to check you are still alive :P
  7. Stop poking me with unidentified objects
  8. /pokes wiff a stick
  9. Hehehe any time, moet nettie bottel whiskey die maand verwag nie :P Dalk na april ja :P
  10. Baie dankie man!
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