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  1. Being a Huge fallout fan I loved 3 but after playing Vegas i see what its like to have the F1 & 2 team at it again. Which is why i said 3.5 and not 4. Also there are too many similarities between the two for it to be regarded as a true sequel. I encountered, and still do, entirely too many bugs for a AAA release.

    Glad you like the review.
  2. Had a read of the gamer fo new vegas review as you suggested. I agree mostly with it except for the comment that its fo 3.5 instead 4. For me its what fo 3 should have been. Also don't think the bugs are as bad the review seems to suggest but then I only worry about bugs if they are game breaking so I am probably not that picky.
  3. Hey Dude. Have you read Issue 2 of the Gamer Issue 2? It has a fallout vegas review in which id like to get your feed back on.

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