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  1. Sure thing dude. I know how you like links

    I haven't used that dude myself so I can't really vouch for him, but he seems to know what's what from his posts
  2. Howzit Mr.matt! Things going well on your side?

    I used the link to that maestr_za guy in the thread about the dude's broken Xbox. i have messaged him, as I am having a few issues myself. Thanks for the link man, you rock!
  3. Yeah, a lot of good ones heading this way. Trying to clear up my backlog before that happens...
  4. Ya, it is a little quiet lately. Probably because of the lack of awesome new releases lately. Just wait till all the cool new games get released though, then there'll be plenty of talk. Battlefield 3, MW3, Gears 3, Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations to name but a few
  5. Hahahaha thanks. Big Boss FTW. Going well on this side. The forum is very quiet these days.
  6. Going good dude, how you doing? Nice new avatar pic btw
  7. Howzit going, bru?
  8. The links were awesome.
    1. The disaster relief idea is an awesome idea, especially the 3D mapping for flying drones. As the author suggests, the Kinect device is a ripe tool for hacking and MS actually does not get pissed off at the idea of people doing so. The exploitation of this technology could lead to much greater things, especially in tasks where human lives are at stake.

    2. Hehehehe look at him dance. Using the device to basically create a robotic "shadower" that mimics your every movement can make a lot of things possible, i.e. completing tasks quicker at with the same precision (well, in time I guess). Not to mention the cool stuff you can do when it comes to "Robot Wars" (remember that show?)
  9. Indeed it would. Making robots "see" in 3D is some pretty hardcore stuff. One step closer to having robots understand what is happening and making educated guesses. I got into a pretty interesting conversation with a colleague of mine who did his Bsc Computer Science at Tukkies. He was telling me about a lecturer who explained the general thinking of a computer. If you are looking at a computer and a computer operated being with the ability to recognize objects is staring back, he might recognize a human. But, if you were to hide your hand behind your back or a wall (or anything like that), the computer will not register that it is your hand behind the wall. For all that it knows, your hand can be a melon or a box. That was quite interesting, especially after i read an article a while back when Kinect was still in developmet, that MS has about 3TB of human movement and body positional data. Could they slowly be solving this problem? It can be quite an interesting debate.
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