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  1. Nice read dude. Thanks. You're right, there's plenty real world applications for gaming tech, and I think some of it is in use already. As you've said, flight sims and stuff. I actually heard a story a while ago that the either the US army or NASA was going to use the Kinect the replace what they had spent millions to try develop to give their robots the ability to "see" in 3D because it just works way better and it's way cheaper. Don't know if that was just a rumour or not, but makes for an interesting thought as well.
  2. Hey Matt,
    On topic with the Kinect thread, I wrote a blog post a while ago, which kinda feeds in to what we have been discussing. Give it a read when you have a gap. (keep in mind that I had to write this in 20mins, so the content is not that rich).
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