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  1. Howzit mate,

    So did you have a McAwesome birthday ?
  2. LOL, thanks dude. I will do a little bit of everything.
  3. Howzit bro,

    I know you aren't gonna be online tomorrow so I'm gonna say it now Happy Birthday for tomorrow mate !!! May you have a great day!

    Just remember don't do anything I wouldn't !!
  4. Awesome dude, thanks for posting it. You just made my day, again.
  5. EDIT: Lol, never mind. Figured out what I needed to !
  6. Well so much for online play tonight , hopefully it will be back up tomorrow...
  7. No clue, either hackers or maintenance. It sucks.
  8. I have PSN+ and I can't log in , damn!

    Wonder why it's down???
  9. I would be, but I can't log into PSN at all. It seems it's down for maintenance and only PSN plus members can log in.
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