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  1. I should keep a lookout with those okes as well
  2. Ok...I understand. I saw it at Musica the other day for R50 on EA Value. If I see it again, I'll pick it up
  3. I want to buy the damn thing, but Origin needs a credit card, been trying to buy for over 8 months now, but retailers aren't stocking up any more (gumtree and other related sources for PC games are a bad idea), and peeps aren't too willing to let me use their credit card in return for cash (understandably so)
  4. /slaps dee

    No man! I got it for R50 on Origin - can't you make a plan?
  5. You know what I'm talking about . How do you buy stuff on Origin if you don't have a credit card?
  6. Not legit
  7. Not a legit copy. I dont have a credit card for Origin (It's a measly R50), and these crummy retailers are constantly out of stock...
  8. Dee my son! Have you got NFS HP on PC?
  9. Thanks dude
  10. Get to know Diablo

    There you go
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