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    So what have you been getting up to lately?
  2. You gonna try MP?
  3. That game is too old for me. But can't wait for the third one Oh and I finished starcraft 2 on hard now that was something.
  4. I've been playing diablo 2 awesome game is awesome!
  5. Lol well Atleast now you know how I look Been playing worms reloaded and it is awesome. Hd worms ftw!
  6. Pic is too small to say! But looks good!
  7. I am good So what do you think on how I look
  8. Hai thar Sorry I haven't been on in so long! How you?
  9. Mii if you are interested in what I look like check my profile. There is a pick of me.
  10. Hey me/....
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