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  1. Lurking again are we. Pop into TK and say hi.
  2. I see you lurking! Pop into TK. Have to show u something.
  3. Just climb onto Skype or Fb. So much easier chatting via that than PM.
  4. Cool, I am on most nights as the Macbook is open while I study. Only time I may not answer is when Im ingame but I normally change my status to Do not disturb. I tried the f2p weekend of ToR this past weekend and enjoyed it so much I got a copy of the Collectors Edition so plan on continuing my lvl 15 Jedi Sentinel. Im on "The Progenitor" server. Im dying to do some of the heroic dungeons but can't solo them.
  5. Awesome I'll be chatting to you soon!!
  6. I've added u.
  7. Add me on Skype: MissM_ZA. Thanks Yeah, I do play it! Just started recently. Got a lvl 17 Sith Sorcerer and a lvl 9 Jedi Knight. Still playing around getting used to everything. But I'm enjoying it so far!
  8. No Worries. I'll be happy to answer, PM/Email/Skype /FB- Im always on at least 1 of them.
    Also I forget, do you play SW:ToR?
  9. Hey! Sorry for not responding! Got a bit caught up...but listen, I have a few questions i would like to ask you with regards to moving to the UK...this MIGHT have become a possibility for me and I'd just like to clear some stuff up...Hope u can help me
  10. /Feels neglected when M doesn't respond on FB. :'(
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