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  1. Hi thanks for the link, wouldn't have seen it otherwise I think.

    I like the idea of a modular story driven approach. So much of what those guys are doing sounds like they are pushing new boundaries.

    Hope it pays off big time.
  2. Brink has a release date. May 20th.
  3. Planning on checking that trailer out on my lunch time.
  4. I have written a few reviews for MyGaming and these where my first pieces for the Gamer. Not by profession, but id like to be. Also write fiction, have published 1 novel back in 07.
  5. I didn't know, do you write a lot?

    Are you a writer/journalist?
  6. Did you know I wrote the Brink piece?

    It is going to be a very awesome games. There are some awesome vids on gametrailer.
  7. I read the Brink review in thegamer mag.

    I like it, it makes me want the game more now. It told me a few things I didn't know. mostly knew about SMART. I like the squad commander to try get some gameplay balance and needing to play as a team to achieve objectives. Of course character customisation is always fun, when it actually affects gameplay thats bringing design to another level.

    Other than that I think its well written.
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