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  1. I would point it out to you, but seeing as I deleted the comment, I've forgotten what it said. I have a very bad memory, as well as poor math and language skills. So all in all, I'm not the brightest lightbulb in the Pick n Pay value pack of energy savers. All I know is that I found it offensive.
  2. I believe my last message was not in the least abusive. I was explaining the situation from my point of view to you. If there was anything abusive about it, please kindly point it out to me.
  3. I will be deleting any messages you post on my wall that I consider to be abusive. I have no problem with conversing on the visitors message boards, so long as it's not abusive. If you would like to verbally assault me, you may do so using the PM feature.
  4. Hi, would you kindly stop posting abusive and poorly cynical messages on my visitor wall. Thanks, much appreciated.
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