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  1. Happy B Day Man. Have a good one.
  2. it was pretty epic, but too short in my eyes. even on the hardest difficulty. who died @ the suicide mission @ the end? Jack died in mine. it was too focused on recruiting all your team mates too though.
    they should bring back the inventory system of ME1 and should drop probe exploration system.
    otherwise, awesome graphics n game otherwise ^^
  3. Ah i see. Well thats good that your bossiness is going good. How did u find ME2?
  4. aye man, been so busy with work. so much business is flowing in. so hardly have time to get online :-/
    but im good and how you doin that side?
  5. Dude where have you been?
  6. Check ME2 thread.
  7. hey dude you feel like quik round of eve?
  8. Jeez Dude that Sux. Never happened to me. Let us know when ur online so we can meet up or something.
  9. nopes, left it over night and link died on me from Do Gaming and it doesn't want to resume. So i'll have try from Eve Site itself
  10. Dude did you manage to finish downloading Eve?
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