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  1. Same here. Except I have always known about japenese culture as my moms old best friend was from japan and her son was my first friend. So that has always been in my life. She was going to teach me to speak japenese. Oh Black lagoon is actually serious. The second season is more on there characters than there jobs.

    I do however have a major crush on my avatar chick old revy
  2. If you have not seen black lagoon then get it. Very awesome show.
  3. If I had the cash I would rather buy it ofcourse.
  4. Here is a anime forum. It is a very active and friendly place.

    At that website. The eps are only 60mb and they are just as good as a 135mb eps. I even got a 150 1080p. I would buy them but I am out of work. I personally don't think it is wrong as long as you are not making a profit from it.
  6. Have not read the manga so I am not sure. I have only seen a few eps. So far it is awesome.
  7. Could not help but notice your avatar. I am currently watching darker than black.
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