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  1. Hope you had fun last night :P was an interesting game lol xD
    Tonight we do knives again..
  2. sighs, I'm going to have to up my game... or choose a different weapon so can stand a chance
  3. lol
    So how was that ass whipping last night :P
    I stopped counting after 5 rounds lol!!
    HAve a good day
  4. well now... let's see if I remember correctly - you won a game, I won a game, then we drew, and the last game you won by one kill as the time ran out. So both our asses remain unkicked Challenge accepted for tonight though
  5. Nice game last night :P You're much better than I thought lol You still need to kick my ass like I did yours last night :P lol
  6. you know what I'm capable of, your ass will be kicked cya ingame laters ;p
  7. Hope you having a kick ass day xD You gonna be kicking my ass in some blops again tonight? Or should I say try too xD
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