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  1. nah. Cod not my thing. I like blowing up tanks
  2. Thanks for asking, Tsar. Yeah luckily it's better. Going to the physio again later today. Still using my left hand for the mouse though.

    Hey that's awesome about BF3. Are you going to get the new Call of Duty too?
  3. How are you feeling? Hope you are better

    So I finally got bf3 to work so much fun.
  4. That sucks so much dude.
  5. Nah, not always. And you won't believe this but I picked up a computer injury. My shoulder was so sore this week that I had to take two days off work and had to go to the physio. Repetitive strain on the shoulder has caused inflammation.
  6. Thank you. You are a good person.
  7. Aww, that sucks man. :-( I hope that something happens to take that depression away and fill you with joy.
  8. I have been really depressed lately. Can't find the will to do it these days. I will try get it done tomorrow
  9. Hey tsar, how are things going with the song for the competition?
  10. Well done good sir. you deserve it
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