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  1. Tsar, you remind me of someone. You didn't use to chat on IRC over ten years ago, did you?
  2. It is no prob sillent hill was my all time fav game got the ps2 collectors ed when it came out cost me R800. I dont think there will ever be another game as scary as sillent hill. The only game that scared me.
  3. I wish the other Silent Hill games were as good. Silent Hill 2 will always for me be the standard that other horror games have to live up to. And so far none has.

    Hey and thanks for joining the Silent Hill group. Haha I didn't think that anyone would.
  4. I remember in the prison by one of the bathrooms if you knock on one door then leave something falls that gave me such a fright. Silent hill 2 was soooo scary
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