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  1. night dude don't worry I lived with it all my life made me a tough mother fer :P
  2. Sheesh I'm sorry to hear that Tsar. Sorry that it took a while to reply.

    I'm off to bed. Sleep well.
  3. Big time man. On saturday he drank two bottles of wine and was completely wasted.
  4. Okay cool. Man that sucks that your dad is making things so difficult for you. It's just terrible that he does those things. Is he an alcoholic?
  5. Well she is going bec her boyfriend is living there and has a house in chorley near Manchester. Its pretty hard bec my dad is making sure our lives are a living hell. Nah mmos bore me to tears I shall just watch series and play supreme commander faf. Its been such a hard few months. He drinks and then gets violent he even stole my moms drinks and hid them and try to blame me.
  6. I didn't realize that you can game in the army.

    What will you be doing in the 6 months that you are still here? Man, if I was you I'd get properly hooked on an MMO. Something like Neverwinter or I don't really know MMOs but I would love to play one properly. Just don't have the time.

    You said your mother is also going to the UK? Is it because you are going or was she going in any case?
  7. Going around june I think. But I will have time to burn while I wait for my interview. Atleast you can still game in the army

    Yeah I heard the hail was really bad. We never got any hail.
  8. It's crazy hot! And the fan doesn't seem to be helping. It just makes everything dry.

    It's very sad how they messed up the hd versions of Silent Hill. I could have gotten it for very cheap the other day in a second hand store but decided to leave it.

    Otherwise things have been good. My car has been in for repairs for about 2 weeks now. It got hammered by hail end of last year. I was in the car and just praying that the hail doesn't go through the roof. The hail was as big as my fist.

    How about you? You must be itching to go overseas but it sounds it's still a while before you are going.
  9. very bored. So hot and bothered I was thinking about how bad they screwed up the hd version for silent hill 2 and 3 I should play it before I hit the military.

    So how has things been with you?
  10. Haha it sounds like you are very bored!
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