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    Hey hey, I promised you this long ago but forgot about it . These are the exact headphones I found at Incredible Connection. They're not half bad and actually stay in my ears when running .

  2. One of my favourite tracks at the moment, it's just pure awesomeness !

  3. That's the official video showcasing Tomorrowland last year .
  4. Hey hey

    I sent you a PM from my BlackBerry, I have no idea if you got it and almost asked if you got it in the PM itself ...

    So I just wanted to post here saying I did reply but I'm not sure if it went through or not...
  5. Haha, Symphonic and Folk Metal are the only genres of Metal I listen to and enjoy...

    KoRn just released their new album last week, it's fantastic ! They've mixed dubstep with Metal and have pulled it off magnificently!!
  6. Can't really hear what she's singing in that second song. Not my favourite kind of music, but it's good.
  7. Hey there! Hope you're doing well !

    I've got two songs here I would like you to listen to .

    They're by one of my all time favourite bands, Nightwish. They're Finnish. They're part of the Symphonic Metal genre. They're absolutely fantastic!!

    Storytime - This is their latest single, it's on their latest album called Imaginerium which was released last year November.

    Amaranth - This single was the first song their lead singer (Anette Olzon) recorder for the band after replacing their previous lead singer (Tarja Turunen). This is my all time favourite song, the words are simply beautiful.

  8. Hey there!

    How are you? Been ages!
  9. Yeah sure. Enjoy it over there. hopefully it takes some of your troubles away.
  10. Hey Nadine,

    I just wanted to say cheers . I am going to CPT for two months so I will be without internet for two months. I would like to stay in contact via e-mail if that is cool .

    Take care of yourself!
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