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  1. wow,personal attacks.....eish some of these people have some anger management issues,I rarely insult people let alone make personal threats.

    And I also doubt there is any real legal action they can take about you guys banning them from YOUR server
  2. Hey Senti

    Yeah, last night was a little crazy. For some reason it was packed full of drama on multiple servers, had my hands full there for a moment. I haven't really had a worst case as per se, but I've had a couple of incidents where players totally disregard what we say, threaten to take legal action and mention that they will attack us at rAge etc. Most of the time these are comments written by keyboard-warriors whose bark is worse than their bite.

    Anyways, apologies for last night, it was a bit of a mess-up. I've sorted the issue out with the other admins (including Recoil) and have removed the ban on the player in question.
  3. After seeing all that drama on the server last night(or this morning)I have to wonder,whats the worst case you have had as a admin?

    (This post might have been written at 2 am in the morning out of curiosity and boredom)
  4. Cool Thanks
  5. Hey man, sorry for the late reply, been knee deep in things to do. I do use xFire but not particularly much.

    Xfire: micromonst3r
    Steam: steam://friends/add/76561198017719767
  6. Xero u got xfire?
  7. hehehe Almost made it to 1000 hours and almost have 1000 kills with all weapons,after that im gonna relax with fallout nv
  8. Saw your BC2 stats, that is teh awesome!
  9. Cool man thx
  10. Hi Senticall,

    sure its - port - 28960

    I have made some changes to it, hopefully this will prevent the crashing, also makes some items more deadly, such as the turret.
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