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  1. The nice thing about it, is the fact that there isnt a sub to pay. Plus from what Ihave seen in the last BETA it is fun and so far I havent found issues. And I am also waiting for Borderlands 2 :P
  2. Quite possibly, I need something RTS/MMO-ish. Cyro mentioned that it's going to be amazing and that it's something I'd enjoy, so thankfully I now have a key to try it out this weekend.

    Just waiting for Borderlands 2, that is going to be brilliant, can see me playing that for hours on end with the gang.
  3. Hehehehe, I think you might enjoy the game tho. Something different from your usual fare :P
  4. Have fun
  5. omg now I will have to hide from you in GW2 - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
  6. Hahaha yea and I only work till 4, family braai tonite and then tomorrow I get to go pick up my shiny new iPad!
  7. That, and the great part; It's Friday! and your b'day :P
  8. Thanks XeroS1x! Its definitely a great day - ITS SUNNY! :P
  9. Happy birthday Wyvern! Hope it's going to be a fantastic Friday filled with joy!
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