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  1. lol!

    /accepts ^5!

    Just couldn't resist!
  2. ^5's eek for das rickroll link
  3. She's on the ignore so I should be fine
  4. long as you steer clear and don't leave yourself 'open for it' you should be fine.
  5. She must just keep talking to Shev...not me
  6. hahahaha....figured. She still shows online, but seems quiet now...
  7. I read that response in EAE and left straight away...
  8. big up for no avoidance! hope you're still in the safe!
  9. Hahahaha...don't avoid us dude....just avoid Tam! Don't reply to her PM's if she sends any. I'll also give you a heads up when she's gone.
  10. Thanks for the heads up...I'll be avoiding EAE today

    Please RR insanity in my absence
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