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  1. snoooooooooooooooozzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee
  2. mr mr mr mrm mr mrmrmrmrmwntgoe bwhp;fdsgjn pods'jg[sr[ipogj
    Sorry I Was trying to do a manly pose and type at the same time
  3. lol blood for the blood gods
  4. bwawawawa/ Well True I don't care about society. Only problem is I wouldn't be allowed in the marines with so many tats I think not sure. I know all they need to be able to covered up while in formal attire.
  5. If I win the lotto I am going full sleeves and up to my neck, fuck what society thinks it's the 21 first century. Also the only reason to watch JoJo's ->
  6. Its very addictive. I am being slow about it. Don't want to fill all my space while I am young. I want to try and get a tattoo in different countries.
  7. I want to get more but eish finding a good artists and the monies is a bit hard.
  8. hahah, I just have one. After my first tour I am getting a commando and my units number tattooed
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