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  1. In that 5 reasons thread? No, should i?
  2. Did you delete those flames?
  3. Hehe Yeah it never evolves does it. The Dragon dude got a little personal, Called Shadow Fox Cheap and a Jew. I got called a Pirate and PC Fanboi. Me a PC Fanboi and pirate. I haven't lolled that hard in a while.
  4. I have done. Sigh, same old fanboy arguments. Think it's only time to lock when the bitching gets personal though.
  5. Check last couple of pages in 5 reason thread.
  6. I closed another Piracy Related Thread, Newshost Community or something.
  7. Lol, easy solution... get it on console Must say ive been very miffed at PC Gaming lately. BC2's mp is a real disapointment. Loving my Consoles at the moment.
  8. Yeah, it's a pity they have to suffer with DRM. I try to avoid the debate, getting tired of wearing the flamesuit
  9. Aren't pc gamers always pissing about something? Most of their arguments are now mute as we can all go uncapped. The irony is that they want to pirate it that will only worsen the DRM situation.
  10. I reckon it should be cool for now. Though there seem to be a lot of pissed off PC gamers thanks to this DRM nonsense.
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