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  1. I always fell asleep in history
    Smart man is Smart. We marking those to watch for similar threads?
  2. "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

  3. Only lock no Deletion?
  4. Dunno, reckon he's being smart and staying out of it.
  5. Agreed. This 'casual/hardcore' thing is total BS. I sometimes wonder how they come to these conclusions. Making an example out of one of them would be good. Whats Tinman' s stance on it?
  6. I don't mind what gets said in TK as long as it's not personal flames, but most of these 'casual/hardcore' posts are just made to antagonize certain people.

    The Ban-Hammer may make an appearance soon
  7. I deleted it in TK. Shit like that makes my blood boil.
  8. No, I moved the posts to TK. Taking the hard line with spam crap these days.
  9. Morning Dude. Did you delete a thread called "Casual Gamers are the Suck?" I saw it when i logged on but when i worked my way to off topic i couldn't find it, my thinking is you hard deleted it. Correct?
  10. Yeah those 2 especially (you know who im referring to) are starting to grind my gears.
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