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  1. Thanks mate.
  2. Now that is a long list... ill give it a think over.
  3. Sweetness. Thanks for your help. If all goes well then I should be able to get the slim end of December. What games would you recommend getting for the 360?
  4. Not to my knowledge, as far as i know they fixed that particular issue.
  5. Sweet, thanks. Do you know if the new 360 slim suffers from the RLOD still?
  6. Def hey. Fable 2 is pretty awesome, 3 promised to build on that. But there are other awesome 360 games also.
  7. Sweet. Would you recommend me getting 360 for Fable and Halo Reach?
    I have played Halo 3 before and thought it was cool but I never played an installment of Fable.
  8. I have both Fable the lost chapters on original xbox and fable 2.
    Thats the same reason I got a PS3, Got the GOW Pandora's Box edition as a wedding gift from Sycogrim and another mate of ours.
    Uncharted is fun but doesn't offer much lasting appeal for me, Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls is 2 of my other favourit PS3 titles.
  9. I see.
    I'm a PC and PS3 gamer. I decided to go for the PS3 because I REALLY wanted to play UC and GoW. Although now I'm considering getting a 360 for Fable III and Halo Reach. Have you played Fable?
  10. Nah I just talk alot of Kak in TK.

    I have xbox, Ps3 and PC. Mostly Game on Xbox (Halo, AC 1 & 2 that sorta stuff) and PS3 (Demon's Souls, Batman AA, Uncharted 1 & 2, God of War 1 through 3)

    I would say alrounder. tried MMOs and it just didn't stick, also sport sims are meh and not big into racing.
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