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  1. Holy crap! You're an active member
    I've been a member of the Total War forums for about 2 years now and only have 2000 posts.
    So what genre of games do you like? And what platforms do you game on?
  2. Since Early 2009.
  3. I see. So how long have you been a member of My Gaming? I say this because you have an astronomical amount of posts!
  4. Unfortunatly not (yet). I am a clinic administrator for a small doctors practice.
  5. I see, that is cool. So what do you do for a living (If you don't mind me asking)?
    Does it have to do with your passion for writing?
  6. More of a Hobby, Freelance writers dont get paid alot.
  7. I see. Lekker mate. So did you work for My Gaming in the sense of getting a pay check and such or was it more of a hobby?
  8. They Did, that Wet review was the first one i wrote.
  9. Sweet. So did they publish your review or was it just to show what you can do?
  10. I think AC2 is propably one of my best reviews.

    I just sent one in and Tinman published it, then later he would ask me to review a title.
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