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  1. Yo bro,

    How are you mate?

    I just wanted t say I received your PM about a month ago, thanks for the answer mate! Still offline so I couldn't reply and my BB is fucked for some reason... But thanks dude!
  2. Yeah, same reasons for me hey.
    I wanted a place close to the college I'm gonna study at plus I didn't want to be too far from central CPT, so Durbanville made the most sense.

    Well best of luck with all that dude! Seems like we're gonna be next door neighbours !
  3. Yeah it will be fun if we get goin'

    I dunno man, it's just a really nice place to stay closer. Don't want to stay in town or too far away. It's also kinda central you know.
  4. Nice dude!! That'd be awesome when you come right !

    What made you choose Durbanville to any other place?
  5. Hey yeah dude, we're trying Must find a house first though. I'm not sure which area, still looking!
  6. That's awesome dude! You guys all gonna live together?

    Where in Durbanville are you looking at?
  7. Been good dude, can't complain . I', also looking for a place to stay in durbanville now. I'm moving there with 3 friends. Need to find a house I can buy!
  8. Yeah dude, been ages!
    But damn dude been so busy hey!
    But I'll finally be in CPT on the 23rd of this month, at long bloody last lol! Found a place in Durbanville and it's not too far from the college I want to study at so things are finally coming together...

    How have you been dude??

    Yeah once I'm settled I wanna set up my PC again and then I must buy BF3.
  9. Haha, howzit man!

    I'm good and you? Long time no speak bru! Dude, it's pretty easy. You'll have to come play with me one day so I can teach you!
  10. Tooksy me pie loving boy :P!

    How are you dude?

    Dude, I have a question regarding BF3, how the hell do I fly a helicopter?!
    Haha, Dice have made it just so overly complicated, I'm lucky if I get off the ground !
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