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  1. Great stuff man, let me know!
  2. Yip like I always wanted to play professionally and way back when in the early 2000's I was Ace but with age I've become avg lol so no chance for me Will chat to my gf tonight and see what she thinks.
  3. That's good to hear man, glad for you!

    I feel you on the SA gaming thing man. There needs to be a positive change, it can't carry on like this lol. There needs to be a better opportunity for players to follow their gaming dreams man.
  4. Its been going well, had a couple of issues last week but all better now

    Lol mate I don't know hey, I am so busy I don't get time for much these days but I am def keen on starting or getting involved with a new league. E sports has a real future and its growing at an incredibly rate so def something I want to be a part of especially because of how my gaming career was destroyed because SA was so fucked back then...well still fucked lol but you know what I mean.
  5. Yeah I know you're always busy. That's good man. And thank you. I appreciate that . How's it going with your health man?

    Anyway, if there's anyone that could pull off an epic gaming organization that would be you!
  6. Yeah will def like to have you on board. On the sponsor side of things I am tight with Nvidia, Rectron, Gigabyte ect so not a problem there. Just need to sit down and work things out.

    I am pretty good hey, just working my ass off and always tired lol
    You know I probably watch more Dota than anyone else dude and you really are fucking ace, much better than most if not all the local guys.
  7. I see you're plan. I wouldn't mind at all getting involved if you ever need someone to help!

    I'm doing great man, life's good for me at the moment. Found an awesome clan to be part of, job's good. Things are happening. I'm well. And yourself, haven't really spoken to you in ages?
  8. Yip I am bud, doesn't mean I can't run something like it from the States
    Gonna talk to my gf about it. How you doing btw?
  9. Are you still moving to the States dude?
  10. Kak storie! Old se gat man xD
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