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  1. No stress bro beans. I hope you get well soon. Is it still the ongoing health struggle you've been dealing with for the past few months? My thoughts are with you, man.
  2. Thanx bud

    Been sick this week so haven't really checked.
  3. Sup homey, here's a possible customer just waiting for you to drop knowledge before he goes to Evetech.
  4. /wonders if Joker received last PM
  5. Good morning

    Thanks for the insight. This will help me as I'm considering taking the plunge, and I didn't want to stay put with 7 if 8 happens to yield better performance gains. I might also be getting a budget gaming rig for about R4000 for my younger brother in the foreseeable future. I will definitely hit you up when I do.
  6. Hi
    Well its a lot to get into but I'll try keep it short.

    Windows 8 is a def improvement over windows 7, hardware gets utilized in a smarter more efficient manner. It uses less memory than windows 7 despite feeling like its got a million and 1 things running in the back ground.

    As far as gaming is concerned, I have spent a good month now with Windows 8..Load times for games like Battlefield 3 are much improved even if you're not running a SSD. the game def starts faster and maps load a lot faster, so there is def improvement there.

    Hardware compatibility...Well haven't found anything that isn't compatible with Windows 8 which is a big plus but then again I only ever use the latest tech available.

    Over all Windows 8 is awesome if you're into the whole "apple revolution" I feel like Microsoft is trying to copy apple with the layout and the ui..and to be honest its working..I've had tons of orders for windows 8...a lot more than I had with windows 7...It seems to be very popular.
  7. Hey man, I was just wondering, as a gaming oriented hardware enthusiast, what are your thoughts on Windows 8?
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