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  1. Just what I needed dude! Thanks for that dude, it was awesome !

    Here's a nice piece I just heard two days ago:

  2. Have some hopelessly optimistic adventure music for those midweek blues !
  3. I probably will hey.
    Not too big on Korn though.
  4. Awesome bro! You gonna get their new album Imaginerium?

    Do you like KoRn?
  5. Yup I have a few of their albums
  6. Murphster!!

    You good dude?

    Ever heard of a bad called Nightwish?
  7. Yeah man last I heard you were coming to Cape Town? Where did you actually move to?
  8. Howzit dude!!

    How are you mate? Been ages!!

    I chose the wrong time to move lol, never move to the coast over December :P!
  9. Dude! Where you at?
  10. Awesome bro, thanks for the heads up ! Check you there!
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