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  1. Yeah dude the puzzles get annoying, I don't enjoy it to be honest.
  2. Haha yeah - why are these puzzle sections so freakin long?! Feel like I accidently bought the Darksiders Puzzle Quest Tomb Raider edition.
    Suppose I'll have to give in and hit IGN. I don't buy games to think
  3. lol! Dude I know what you mean, I am trying to finish this god dam game and it just won't let me
  4. Dude if Darksiders doesn't start mindlessly entertaining me it's going out the fucking window.
  5. Bwhahahaha!
  6. Yeah those are some huge ass nuts to drag hey
  7. Haha dodgy place?
    I agree, for R6k that IS awesome. You can't even get a decent barebones 5 piece for that
  8. But fuck me what a deal. Getting mugged when I got there did go through my head I must say
  9. Silly.

    But awesome
    Know what you saying, miss my acoustic kit though. But neighbors aren't partial to it, especially after the deaf lady moved out.
  10. Yeah thats the other issue, I got rid of my last one for those 2 reasons so would be silly to get another, even bigger one
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