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  1. Don't know why you have been blocked from posting but it's not going to be let as is .......
  2. LOL!

    obligatory ten character limit thingy.
  3. Victimboi - stop posting shit on my wall.
  4. Wow, you're really still butthurt, aren't you? There's a difference between having an opinion and spewing a bunch of shit to troll, which is what Stormchaser does. You don't have to give me neg-rep for shit just because you're pissed I give you neg-rep when you spew shit forth. If you believe it's unwarranted, report it to James.

    Have a nice day further.
  5. Sorry to bother, but where did I play the victim and where did I stir the drama pot now? Anonymous has been stirring shit for me on the forums since the day he joined, and it might be that I'm stupid enough not to know when not to respond to him, but I don't see him constantly telling me what an idiot I am as me playing the victim. :/
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