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  1. I hate this country, lived in the UK for 2 years post high school and loved it, so much so that I married a British national (even though she went to school with me) There is no future here for me, I want to get into game development and there is not a single course in this country and even if there was where would I work once I graduate. I've already found a 12 Month Diploma course at a respectable Dev School and there are multiple studios where I could try and beat my self out a spot. Even if i never make it in the industry at least my kids will have a better quality of life there as appose to here where they will always be passed over due to the hue of their skin.
  2. I just scanned through the 'Thread Killer' thread and I saw that you are relocating to the UK! Awesome mate

    My I ask why though? Job reasons or do you just feel like new scenery?
  3. Done I sent you an invite.
  4. Hey mate,

    My PSN ID is: DukeFirewood (Case sensitive)
    Otherwise if I get on sooner I'll add you
  5. Hey Bro. Whats ur PSN id?
    Otherwise add me.
  6. Unfortunately all of my pals are not gamers And the one guy who was has just immigrated so most of my of my PSN pals are internationals with the exception of two locals. Otherwise I will comment in the Gamer topic.

  7. Thnx Dude. Always good to hear a review was well recieved the readers. Be sure to like the gamer on FB and tell all your gaming buddies to check it out. Also please give feedback to Abev in the Gamer Issue 2 thread in Off-topic and you are more than welcome to comment on the mag over at the Gamer Website.

    Thanks again fro the kind words. Check out the Brink Preview, I wrote that aswell.
  8. Hey mate,

    I had just finished reading issue 2 of the gamer and I noticed that you wrote the New Vegas review and I wanted to commend you on a brilliant review! You have a talent for writing and is shined through brilliantly in the review well done mate. Your review so made me want to buy New Vegas but my first love is CoD so I got that instead. Anywho well done
  9. I have never actually played anything MP on the PS3, i guess the fact that I dont have a head set puts me off...
  10. Hey mate,

    I saw you had UC2 and I was wondering if you would be down for a bit of MP?
    I would really like to get two trophies for it before Star Wars: TFU2 comes out.

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