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  1. Thats cool, what is you novel about?
    I read some of your reviews and I really liked you AC2 review
    So were you approached by My Gaming or did you apply?
  2. Writing has always been one of my passions, actually wrote a Novel , though it was only my first attempt. Did it for mygamign coz i figued it be awesome to do it as a job.
  3. I see, sweet. I will check some out later.
    So why did you review games? Did you want to do it as a job or was it more of a hobby?
  4. All the ones by Ernst Vorndran was me.
  5. Oh I see? So what genre of games did you review?
    Do you have a link to one?
  6. Since Im in Cape Town its a bit hard to send me game down when there are people in JHB who can do it.
  7. Thats sweet. Why did you stop?
  8. I use to write for Mygaming.
  9. I have read most of your blogs and they're quite good. Have you ever thought of writing reviews par-time?
  10. Ur welcome to read all of it and let me know.
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