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  1. I can imagine your pain at losing saved games for games like Borderlands... Glad you got it in the end of the day though, at least you'll be able to play some Killzone 3 now .
  2. Yeah dude, I had to trade in 17 games at BT Games (where I work), but I'll buy most of them back eventually. The face that I lost all my savegames made it a bit easier as I doubt I have the time or patience to replay all those games. I am super pissed-off about losing my Borderlands saves though, had like 8 characters and finished the game about 5 or 6 times in total, but what can you do?
  3. I saw you got a new PS3 awesome stuff !

    I read that you might have had to sell some games to finance it, did you in the end?
  4. Pleasure dude.
  5. THank mate! And thanks for the link to the UC2 players as well.
  6. Hey dude, the address is You will find a list of Uncharted 2 players here.
  7. Hey mate,

    Remember when we played UC2 co-op and you mentioned that there was a local PS3 gmaers site? Do you think you could give me that address again? I had forgotten about it till today and now I can't remember the site's name! THanks
  8. Whenever you have the time is good for me. I will be getting MoH next week as well and then next month is Black Ops, ACB, Enslaved... So whenever you have time, that would be great. Thanks.
  9. Yeah dude, the only problem is finding the time. I have so many games that I'm playing at the moment and I just got Medal of Honor and next week is Fallout: New Vegas as well ...
  10. Hey mate,

    I have moved over now and have my internet back, so whenever you're ready can we give UC2's MP a go again?
    Like I said on the PS3 I have installed all the DLC so do you think we can also give the siege a try?

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