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  1. Thanks Taking it in for repairs.

    Hoping to get myself a new laptop in time for university next year, though my Xbox has been receiving a lot more attention lately as a result of the broken PC, and will receive more attention exponentially over the coming weeks
  2. Aw man that sucks that you don't have a pc at the moment. Hope you get your pc back or a new pc soon!
  3. Ooooh I see Thanks xD

    *hides in shame*
  4. You got to ask Tinman to change it for you.
  5. Why thank you! Congrats on being 3/4 of the way there

    Now I'm just trying to figure out where the hell the option for my custom title under Group Memberships is xD
  6. Congrats on your 2000 posts!
  7. Haha thanks man.

    Thought it was about time for a change.
  8. Lydon, it's so weird seeing your face as your avatar. I'm so used to your older picture on all the forums. You look like a friendly guy.
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