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Voice of the Last Fenix

Journal of a WOW N00b: Part 7

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21 - 23/05/2010

The fast 3 days have been interesting. Got Neir up to lvl 18 and found that I want the full version of the game. This was Friday afternoon/evening.

On saturday I played for an hour or so between getting home from work at 13:00 @ leaving to go see Prince of Persia at about 16:00. While at the mall i took the plunge and bought BattleChest from Look & Listen. After getting home I sent Oculate an sms saying to meet me online I took the plunge.

Rolled a Tauren Hunter and BillyBigHorn was soon joined by Unbelievabul(Oculate) a Warrior & Harcos (MissM) a Shaman. Now for some mysterious reason MissM decided that Tauren Females are fugly and is now a Male... listing to her [male] Tauren flinting with Oculate's [male] Tauren is nothing short of unsettling.

We jammed for several hours and I was soon knocking down lvl 7's door. I finished that evening off at about 00:30. Was up again at 8am since I had to go pick up my wedding photos at 9... sigh.

While out I happened across a copy of Read Dead Redemption which I promptly traded my Splinter Cell Conviction for. This is where my weekend of Wow stopped. It is however not where WoW stopped in my house... Having made the suggestion to my Wife that she try it out, under my account since there is no point in waisting game time, she has been playing mostly non stop till 11pm last night. I fear i might never get my account back.

I have decided to keep Neir, she is there on her server waiting to be called upon again, since I'll group with my Tauren and Solo with Neir. Just for a bit of variety.


  1. Oculate's Avatar
    Prepare for another battlechest purchase

    I hit level 10 yesterday with Harkos, and finally got myself some survival equipment...We'll hang five for you
  2. OmegaFenix's Avatar
    Lol. Im lvl 7 or 8. So it won't be a long wait. Now im drawn between two epic games.
  3. Oculate's Avatar
    After reading your unsettling remark about us /emoting to each other,

    It is rather interesting discovering who's a female and who's G.I.R.L
  4. Voicy's Avatar
    kekeke ... G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life

    Btw, dudeface ... are you still playing? If so, which server/faction?