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Tsar's top 5 Rpg's part 1.

Rating: 2 votes, 4.50 average.
Well I decided to do some top 5 lists. As I love reading them.
I hope you enjoy it.


Dragon age: Origins.

You play as a grey warden who gets thrown into the deep end and it is up to you and your party to stop the blight,well that is the story in a nutshell. And each race and class has a different origin story.

The game may lack the many classes as you would see in other rpg games but makes up for the refinement of each class. The story is a classic fantasy setting and there is lots of character interaction. Loads of dialogue,and each party member has a back story to discover. It is very polished and it has the lasting appeal that one would expect from a good rpg. And while it lacks a great selection of monsters it makes of for it with the story and locations.
The game is very long as long as you do side quests even though it will take you a good many hours to complete if you just doing the main quest.


Titans quest

You are a unnamed hero who comes to a town to find out all manor of creatures have been pillaging the lands, you later find out that the titans have been released.

It is a hack'n'slash rpg that is set in 3 ancient mythologies,Greece,Egypt and Asia. They have done a great job in creating this ancient world and it looks good too. You have many classes to choose from and all are unique from a mage that is using spirit magic to a Warrior. It has a good variety of creatures to destroy and a bonus it has ragdoll physics. The story is decent and the gameplay is very addictive and the loot is good. There are a few side quests to complete and some villagers will tell you a old story of ancient myths.


Pool of radiance the ruins of mythdranor.

You control a group of adventurers who have been tasked by the wizard's council to find the awakened pool of radiance and destroy it.

You start off by customizing 4 party members by choosing there stats and classes and then you set out. The games levels are hand painted and look stunning. While the music really puts you in the mood to explore and fight monsters. The game is extremely tough and you get the sense of being alone and surrounded by undead and just plain nasty creatures. You barley come into contact with friendly people and even then you are not sure if they will attack you. The main action takes in a huge sprawling long dead dwarven city. It is a true dnd game and if you have a small idea of the rules it makes it much more fun. It is has turn bass combat and need to think what you are going to do next.

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Tsar's top 5


  1. Senticall's Avatar
    I used to love lanning Titan quest with my bro

    Think this is your first blog not about retro games
  2. Tsar's Avatar
    Well most of them are old though
  3. Wlad's Avatar
    I can't see number 1 and 2? One of those two better be the Witcher
  4. Tsar's Avatar
    It is on part 2
  5. Wlad's Avatar
    Do you still have to post part 2?
  6. Tsar's Avatar
    Yes going to do it now.
  7. Darkwolf's Avatar
    Nice Blog!!