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Tsar's top 5 Rpg's part 2.

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So here are the last two entries enjoy.


The witcher.

He play as Geralt of Rivia who is a wither and he has memory loss and that is were your adventure begins.

Now this is not your typical rpg it is gritty and has adult themes. It has a great combat system and has an awesome alchemy system. You had to research monsters and plants(I think) The potions them selves had many affects like slowing down time and that sort of thing. The locations are your typical fantasy setting towns,swamps grave yard. The story is based on a book so that means the games story is awesome. I did not find the game hard but overall the experience was very good.


Temple of elemental evil.

You are a group of adventurers and how you end up at the town of hommlet depends on the alignment.

So when I first got this game it was terrible full of bugs and run really crappy on my machine back in 2003,seven years later I stumble upon a mod which fixes every single problem. So I loaded it up and created my party eager to see what lurks in the temple. The graphics are still very good for its age and the temple is done with hand painted backgrounds and looks very good. The sound is very ambiant and makes you feel like you are in a different world and it is full of danger. The sheer number of different types of creature is amazing and all the different feats,spells and abilities makes any rpg nerd go wild. This game is extremely hard and I been playing it for weeks and still have not finished it. There is not much of a story but I am enjoying the creature hunting and there is always a new creature to bump into. This game is just so fun and addictive and that is why it gets the number one spot on my list.

This was something new for me to do and hope you enjoyed it.
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Tsar's top 5


  1. Crzwaco's Avatar
    Awe man you forgot The best one yet. Baldur's Gate.
  2. Tsar's Avatar
    I never played it I am afraid. I only put games I played on the list.
  3. Crzwaco's Avatar
    Dam should make you copies of mine, it is freaking awesome game.
  4. Tsar's Avatar
    I actually want to buy that pack which comes with all the gate games and a few others.
  5. Crzwaco's Avatar
    I found it on wantitall will check for another place to get it.

    ok found a better package.
    Updated 07-07-2010 at 02:32 PM by Crzwaco
  6. Tsar's Avatar
    The second one is the one I saw at bt games for the same price.
  7. Crzwaco's Avatar
    Yeah go buy it and do a part 3 and it pwns all of those
  8. Tsar's Avatar
    lol will do
  9. Crzwaco's Avatar
    [email protected] you making me want to play it again. But not sure if it will work on windows 7. Best accidental buy I ever did.
  10. Tsar's Avatar
  11. powderbucket's Avatar
    Love the Witcher, but you still got lots of amazing RPGs that you need to play Like Fallout 3...
  12. Tsar's Avatar
    I never liked fallout 3. Got boring. I am more of a old school dnd nerd But I do however want to play the new fallout.
  13. Senticall's Avatar
    I played buldur's gate 2 on ps2,must say that was a great game

    But I prefer titan quest over it,in titan quest there are so many monsters,and the map designer XD that was fun
  14. Achtung!Baby's Avatar
    Nice list, I want to get into rpg's more. My first and last rpg was Dragon Age and I think playing it on my console did it a disservice. The Witcher2 looks interesting though, I wonder if my age old pc will run the 1st one.