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Voice of the Last Fenix

The Shortcomings of Halo Reach: Part I

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Since last week Tuesday, September 14th 2010, the internet had been aflame with all things Halo, particularly Halo Reach. Anyone who knows me and the level of my love for the Halo franchise and its extended universe will be scratching their heads at the title of this piece. Let me elaborate…

Halo Reach is one of the best console shooters out there, PERIOD. If you are thinking about comparing it to Modern Warfare 2, KillZone or any other FPS out there, stop, you are wasting your time. With Halo Reach Bungie has crafted something incredible and as Halo Combat Evolved, back in 2001, Reach will be remembered for the next decade and quite possibly played by adoring fanboys everywhere for the same amount of time.
But, like everything, it has it’s flaws some of which can easily be forgiven, other… well we will get to that in a minute.
1.The Community: As with a lot of things it is often the Human element that can make or break an experience. Playing the campaign with a good friend can be nothing shy of awesome on an epic scale. Loud exclamations of “NO” or “Did you [email protected]#cking See That?” where common place during my first play through. And when its all said and done with the credits rolling by virtual hi-fives are exchanged along with “That as [email protected]#cking AWESOME!” Similarly surviving the last wave of the last round of a set that has been slaughtering the party for the last 5 games in a row is a feeling not easily matched.
The opposite end of the spectrum is also unfortunately common enough. From whiners to idiots who enjoy playing the entire team their favorite selection of horrible distorted trash music and everything in between, they all infest the servers like worms in an otherwise delicious apple. Nothing is more frustrating that getting into a firefight match with a few wankers who don’t know which end of the Spartan Laser the bright light comes out of or run around a close-quarters map with a SPNKR (rocket) launcher doing more damage to their own ranks than the enemies.
2. Pre-Game Voting/Map Selection: Reach has 9 or so maps, some better suited Slayer than say Capture The Flag. But can someone explain to me why of the 3 possible map/game variants to choose from pre-game the same keeps coming up match after match after match. If I just finished a game a Slayer Pro why only give me more of the same options to choose from, Slayer DMR or Slayer Pro or Classic Slayer. What if I want to play plain old regular Slayer complete with Armor abilities and all?
3.Co-Op Campaign Spawning: This drove me nuts during my co-op time in the campaign. If the player dies, and die they will, why is it that you spawn with your default weapons/armor ability? If I had a target designator and Armor Lock when I died why can’t I pick it up again? Sure I guess it punishes the weaklings who die but it wouldn’t have killed anybody to let me pick my armor ability back up….

End of Part 1
Continues in Part 2