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Call of Duty - Black Ops "First Experiences"

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Ok so I get home yesterday after a long day at the office, rip open my package with Call of Duty - Black Ops begging for me to install it and get stuck into some intense action. I get the game installed only to find that I now need to sit and wait while the game updates, so I switch on a movie and patiently wait for my 384K line to super charge itself and download my updates as quickly as possible, while I twiddle my fingers trying not to eat the table .

The game finished updating and I decided it's time to get my game on in the Multiplayer side of things, and sure enough I get on fine, HOWEVER I get into a game, start playing around and I notice I have major lag but this isn't just any lag, I mean like lag with 350ms pings and I was like WTF. So I ask around and sure enough it's a GLOBAL issue not just local, sounds like GS are having a couple teething problems.

Eventually after about 1.4hrs give or take, it was time to head off to Single Player and check out the amazing story line that people have been raving about. Now there are bugs in single player as well. Here I'm thinking is it just me or are things a little fscked up, I noticed a couple issues that have been raised.

1. If you run your game at 1920x1080 some of the stuff disappears on the corners of the screen, but I'm using a 24" HD LCD Samsung that runs on 1920x1080.

2. I have to disable my antivirus everytime I want to play Single Player because my game ends up lagging if I don't. I checked my CPU Utilization and my memory usage and those are all normal when running a game, so now WTF has your antivirus got to do with the price of eggs when it comes to your game lagging. I would really like to know from Treyarch.

Ok now this is not so much me ranting, it's more about my experiences that I faced from last night's first hour of gameplay and ja, I'm impressed with everything however I am just a little unimpressed by the problems already starting and this is only day one.

So there you have it, that's my experience of playing last night. I really love the game and I am glad I got hyped up for it



  1. Murph's Avatar
    I call shannigans!
  2. sycogrim's Avatar
    I call STFU Murph
  3. Jaun's Avatar
    Waiting for the most exiting game of the year Black ops,what a waste not for the game, but for the sh_tt ping what are the "IT" office jocky's doing to fix this crap,playing on local sever's whith a ping of 999 seriously who ever is hosting the Black Opps server's Dude fix your shit.