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yunna vok man

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Arguments, they're all over the internet. So much communication breakdown happens via text its infuriating.
I learned today that nobody actually reads what the fuck you are trying to say(except for a few). they just chuck their cents in and move onto the next 'hat' to throw more cents in.
I try explain what Im trying to say but then you just come across as pompous and okes are probably reading your posts in a british accent.

today I was being a little bitch on the forums and moaning alot, okay fine. Basically I bought a game, didn't like it. I had do thorough research before purchases. Street Fighter 4, love every street fighter game before it read countless reviews, watched youtube videos, waited 3 fucking years before buying it so it would come down in a price a bit. Due to epic reviews etc it took a long time for the price to drop. R300, couldn't wait any longer, bought the game.
Played it for about 4-6 hours over the course of the day. Hated it. Massively dissapointed. It just felt wrong. The xbox360 controller just isn't suited to it I think and only 4 characters are any decent. Ryu, Ken, Fei Long and Gen.(traditional martial arts style)
The rest are not so great I feel (or just plain ridiculous)and the cpu unleashes cheap shot after cheap shot and basically spams crazy combos on your ass even on medium difficulty.

Tried to return the game the next and was denied hence my forum posts. A few guys understood my situation and a few thought I was in the wrong. fine.

but then this.......

With the mass of reviews and gameplay footage available for every single game in existence these days, you can't really complain that you didn't know what a game was like. Retailers know this, and combined with the whole piracy problem they're even less likely to want to accept returns.

What the shit?

I said I bought it because its 1: Street Fighter
2: Got Rave reviews
Anywayi is he saying then that you can actually review a game without playing it??

this pretty much pissed me off enough to write this whole blog.

Anyway I didnt respond. I dont want to argue and chances are Im reading his comment all wrong with a british accent.
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  1. bradbear117's Avatar
    I had do thorough research..... leave out 'had'