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MyGaming Forum for dummies (a.k.a. Noobs)

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Starting of in the forum can be hard, I have personal experience, so this is a short survival guide for all the new comers to help you out and avoid the ban hammer. (Vets, please add on if I missed anything)

1. Introduce yourself FIRST (here)
When you answer your phone, you don't just start in the middle of the conversation, you say hello first, it's just good manners.

2. Read the subject/title of the thread
DON'T MAKE IRRELEVANT POINTLESS POSTS. If you can't contribute to the discussion, or even just make decent banter, stay AFK. This rule goes for if you can't spoke the engrish language so well either. (Example - user Metro99)

3. Don't create clone threads
If you REALLY have the urge to start a new thread, do your research properly, and make sure there isn't already an existing thread with the same (or close to it) subject matter, it just makes you look dumb. Wanted to use DavidBoss' thread as example, but looks like it's been removed already

This one really goes hand in hand and sums up the top 3. About 93.7% of the rookies pop out of the woodwork soon as a new comp posts, and as we all know the rules state you need 20 posts to qualify. Don't go and post every mindless spark that your brain excretes to try and reach that bench mark, your existence here will be short lived.

5. Be polite
It's not the best idea to start insulting or be just plain rude to the other (already established) members, especially when they are just correcting you after you broke some of the already mentioned rules above. You will make no friends that way and will most probably just put a big target on your avatar. Play nice.

In the case that said Noob does not obey these simple guideline, the MyGaming Forum community will invoke the OR ELSE (thanks Omega) clause which simply states:

If any new forum member that does not adhere to the rules, or is just a plain annoyance, the rest of the community, and especially OmegaFenix our resident Troll Hunter, can (and most probably will) gather our pitchforks and torches, hunt you down, and you will feel the wrath of the Ban Hammer and be smited to the anals of the interweb. That is all.

I really hope this helps the saplings, we want to grow the forum community.


Updated 06-08-2012 at 09:56 AM by MalicE

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