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Black Ops 2. I am so keen.

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I cant flipping wait for it to be released. I think its going to kick ass although Im basing all my assumptions on the first game.

I've passed on all the CoD's before, they just didnt interest me but I bought Black Ops just after release because a second hand store was selling it for R200.00. I thought what the heck, lets see what the fuss is about.
What i found was the most feature packed multiplayer of an FPS that I have ever played plus it was fast,smooth and fun with no waiting between respawns unless you watched the killcam.

It just has so much going for it. Customising your characters look,class and guns. Buying contracts and care packages. cool kill streak rewards like the RC car and gunship and the ability to view and edit match replays from any angle.
When you get tired of being shot by everyone you can squad up and go against the zombie hordes in the zombis mode. Its epic!

I cant see Treyarch stuffing this up except im a bit worried about the possibility of there being no servers in SA and having lag. That never bothered me before but playing BF3 on local servers has really spoilt me in that department.

So ya I cant wait, I think its going to own. I think its going to be one of those games like Skyrim or BF3 where you dont mind paying full price because you know its going to be worth every cent and give you value for money for a solid year or 2.
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  1. BMG_37's Avatar
    bet you eating your words now? only one fps and its
  2. bradbear117's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BMG_37
    bet you eating your words now? only one fps and its
    Only one FPS? dude, for you its like only one game has ever existed!
  3. Ichigo's Avatar
    Never got into BF3 and the others but enjoyed COD on the Xbox and PC