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Far Cry 3. oh my hat collection!

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ok this game rocks, it completely owns.

Just finished black ops 2 last night and installed far cry 3 straight after some tea and a chat with the wife followed by some push ups.k not really push ups, I just did one. it felt good. Anyway, I was sucked into far cry 3 immediately. The story interests me immensely, its very typical hollywood but its my style and I cant wait to see how it progresses.

The gameplay is so dynamic, for instance, I was testing the offroad capabilities of a rusty jeep i found. ramping off ledges and driving all over rocky river banks when all of a sudden I passed some pirates chjillin on the beach. They climbed into their vehicle and gave chase. No reason other than the fact that they are bullies with guns and im just a 25 year old rich kid on a holiday from hell.

So I put some distance between us before doing a handbreak turn and jumping out with my sniper rifle in hand.(how i got that is another story) took aim and shot the driver out as they came to a stop. That was my last bullet and there was one more guy coming at me. So I ran like a tough guy into some nearby foliage and waited with my huge ass survival knife.

I see the guy approaching through the leaves but then he freaks out and goes down??? So I run straight at him ready to take him down only to find a flippin
leopard mauling him. I startle the leopard and it turns to attack me, with a ninja like swipe through the air I completely miss and get mauled myself. to death. It was epic.

Multiplayer is nothing special and cant compare to blops2 or bf3 but its good enough to mess around in for a bit but the singleplayer makes this the best FPS i ever played for sure.

Get it you wont be dissapointed.
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  1. bradbear117's Avatar
    Mmm forgot I wrote this. I stand by my statement at the end but I should actually say best single player FPS I have ever played.........gameplay wise.

    Story is utter kak. hahahah!
  2. Ichigo's Avatar
    Entertaining Blog Article
  3. bradbear117's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichigo
    Entertaining Blog Article
    Hey thanks! Happy to know people are reading! Think I will write more. Got loads of thoughts to get out!
  4. Ichigo's Avatar
    Cool would love to read more of them also made 2 blogs but not with exciting stuff like this .