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Blog Hiatus Disengage!

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I haven't posted since November!? Thats mad!

Anyway the forums all a flurrey with this new competition criteria and I think its great! It feels like the forum has gone from a sleepy retirement village to a bustling metropolis in mere hours!

Its also inspired me to write some more blogs which I've been wanting to do for some time but just to dang lazy.

So XBOX ONE..................

You know, the more I hear about the new consoles the more I feel I'm just going to stick with PC. I just want to play games quietly in the corner, I really don't care for talking to household appliances or waving my arms around at the TV, I appreciate the tech but I just feel stupid doing things like that.

I've been a console fanboy since forever but as I've got older I've realised how rigid they actually are, and really expensive at first with many technical difficulties and waaaayyyy over priced games.

So PC will be my next gen platform (as long as the games keep coming) for these reasons:

Load times - games load 3 times as fast on PC.
Graphics - Always had better graphics on PC. Mid range PC already kills the new consoles.
Control - Absolutely nothing beats a mouse and keyboard for most games except a racing game (maybe)
Steam Oh hello there extremely easy to obtain new, obscure, interesting and indy games service with totes crayballs specials all the time!
Game Pricing PC games are crap loads cheaper. Everytime.
Tech issues nigh non existent and if your PC does break and you cant sort it yourself, you definitely have a friend who can. Thanks Voicy!
Multi functional Wow not only can I play games but at the touch of a button I can look at the internet, watch a movie, listen to music and skype a friend. I can even do some work on this console called a PC.
Backward compatability of notification You can even play games from a complete different platform from a complete different era.........for free! Not condoning piracy but you know, everyone's got an nes emulator on their hd somewhere.

Anyway that's all I can think of for now.
I will definitely be getting one of the new consoles in 3-4 years once I see how the exclusives go and once pricing drops but I'm really not chomping at the bit for them in the slightest.
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