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The Next Generation

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So this past week there has been alot of hype surrounding the Xbox One and the PS4, and that is mainly because they are essentially the 2 major players in the next generation Race (Nintendo is still chasing its own tail somewhere).

The majority of people are veering to the PS side because it is has no used game restrictions and it will be the most powerful console upon release, however history has shown that processing power does not win you a console Race, and it never has, not even exclusives will win a race, it all comes down to marketing. The best marketer has always won.

If we rewind to 1995 it was a 3 horse race between Sony the Newcomers and the veterans nintendo and sega, The ps1 was the slowest of the lot and yet it ended 1st, how did sony do it ? Marketing they did not market the console to little kids like previous generations, they went after teens and young adults and their games also seemed to end up carrying that theme, look at parasite eve, resident evil, metal gear solid etc. in the end the ps1 even outlived the sega dreamcast from the next generation.

if we go forward to 1998 sega Release the Dreamcast (One of the best consoles Ever) again Sony brings their marketing in play touting dvd as the future throwing Home entertainment (Yes sony started the home entertainment gaming device crap) and raw processing figures around that it can render 70 million polys yada yada yada, in the end the dreamcast died out due to sony's market kill strategy the ps2 ended up being the weakest of the remaining 3 consoles during that generation , both the gamecube and xbox ran circles around it processing wise and yet it sold 4-5 times the amount of those consoles, due to impressive marketing from sony again.

2005 Microsoft announces the xbox 360 it had a tricore cpu (with is actually an offspring of the cell architecture in the ps3, most people dont know that) sony announces the PS3 which is powered by the Cell, If the Xbox 360 was coal powered then the Ps3 would be nuclear (thats how sony marketed the ps3) and then nintendo came out of nowhere announcing the wii (which is actually a gamecube 1.5 processing wise) which if compared to the Nuclear power of the ps3 the wii would be a penlight battery, however nintendo had a new strategy getting a broader audience not just core gamers and they went and marketed the wii as a console for everyone to play, guess what it worked, the company with the most powerful console of this (Current) generation is infact in last place (Ps3 and that was due to sony's bad marketing the ps3 lacked a lot of features they hyped when unveiling the prototype, boomerang controllers, dual hdmi etc etc) and the weakest one actually won this generation.

if we look forward yes the PS4 has better Specs than the Xbox one but microsoft understands that its not about processing power, the most powerful console has never won a generation for the past 25 years and microsoft knows that, they are pulling a nintendo by going for a wider audience (as Jasong said consoles are more than gaming machines these days) its like a smartphone people wont buy a phone these days that only makes phone calls, no matter how good it is they will still go for a phone that can do more than that and MS understands that, yes the MS xbox one unveil wasnt that good but i am sure on the 11th of June when there are some actual demos being played the skepticism will be gone.

Remember marketing wins console wars not processing power, it never has.
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  1. Saint_Dee's Avatar
    Very interesting post, a great read . Marketing and PR, dude. That's all that matters.
  2. l-tido's Avatar
    Interesting article. You can't help but notice that consoles are just not the it thing these days. Selling the Xbox One and PS4 will be a big job for the respective companies, and you can't predict which one will come out tops, no matter how much marketing they throw at it